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An Inspirational Guide for Changing Behaviours, Releasing Weight and Living a Better Life

Author : Joanne Reid Rodrigues

ISBN : 9781844091676

Publisher : Findhorn Press

Pages : 304

Format : Paperback

Description : Life Transformation Diet offers a refreshing, inspirational approach to losing weight and taking charge of your life. If you're ready to release the unnecessary burden of excess weight and get the most out of life, the Life Transformation Diet provides your key to success. Scottish-born Joanne Reid Rodrigues was a junk food addict for twelve years, which left her obese, depressed, and frequently unwell. After years of secret eating, bingeing, and believing she was "just meant to be fat", Joanne eventually triumphed: she found within her the strength to lose 63 pounds (29 kgs); she transformed her mindset, her body, and her life.
In Life Transformation Diet, Joanne shares the strategies for change that worked for her. Life Transformation Diet is full of delicious, easy-to-use recipes that kick off with the Seven Day 100% Natural Energy Plan, plus nutrition information and thought-provoking, inspirational stories from Joanne's life and work with tens of thousands of satisfied clients. Joanne breathes new life into this well-trodden subject: if you think you've heard all there is to hear about weight loss, think again! If your goal is to look better, feel better, and live better right now, Joanne will show you how with the action- and results-oriented Life Transformation Diet.

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